Linnea Rothenmaier //

Linnea has a refined eye for alignment and a supportive teaching style.  She brings an integrative approach that combines her in-depth knowledge of yoga and pilates with her experience as a competitive athlete and professional circus performer.  She believes strongly in the pilates doctrine that “less is more” meaning that, when we exercise with focus, control, and precision we get more out of it. Known for using challenging postures and strong flows to bring awareness to perceived limitations, she invites you to honor them, move past them, and deepen the intuitive knowledge of the body.  Teaching from a place of light hearted compassion, patience, and knowledge Linnea works with students from post-rehab to advanced athlete, helping you to find a greater level of awareness and strength in mind, body and beyond. Her certifications include:


  • BASI (Body Arts & Science International) Comprehensive Pilates

  • 200 hr RYT Yoga Teacher and long time yogi

  • NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Personal Trainer

  • AiM (Anatomy in Motion) Gait Analysis and Joint Mechanics

  • BASI Injuries & Pathologies

  • Rocktape Performance Taping

  • BA Evergreen State College, Contemporary Performance & Circus

  • 9 years as Aerial Circus Performer and Coach

  • 10 years as competitive Equestrian

  • Over 13 years teaching experience

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

-Albert Einstein

Specialties: //



Pilates is a remarkable system that can stabilize your core, develop functional body awareness, and build strength.  It is renowned by athletes for its ability to prevent injury, and to rehab from injuries when they occur. Pilates provides an amazing workout while helping your body to lengthen, strengthen, stretch, and rejuvenate.​ 


With so many styles of yoga it can be hard to find a teacher that gives you everything you're looking for.  Linnea's approach to yoga makes space for you to find more of what your body needs.  Shaping individualized postures and flows that are specific to you, she will give you the tools to personalize your practice. 



When simply finding the time to exercise is a challenge, you need efficient results.  Linnea designs high-intensity, results-driven workouts that make your body feel its best while efficiently sculpting, burning fat, and building real strength.   


TESTIMONIAL- Suzy Marzalek

I have been practicing various forms of yoga for over 15 years, enjoying and appreciating the guidance of many good teachers.  However, Linnea, who teaches is the best yoga teacher I have ever had.

Linnea is extremely attentive to the aspirations, needs, and limitations of her students.  She thoughtfully, and with extremely clear verbal instruction, guides us to explore what yoga can bring ... breath, flowing movement, strength, flexibility.  Students of every experience level are safe and gently cared for. At the same time, we are challenged to become stronger, more balanced, more open ... mindfully present.  I LOVE Linnea. I LOVE her yoga class.


Anatomy In Motion, the brainchild of London-based trainer Gary Ward, is an exciting and cutting-edge approach to understanding full-body relationships and patterns. It provides practitioners with powerful tools for working with joint relationships and gait mechanics.  AIM is ideal for anyone that requires a more therapeutic and corrective approach.




Performance Taping can reduce inflammation, improve neuromuscular connections, alleviate pain, and increases performance.  It's great for athletes, and everyone else.



For those that want to move their bodies without boundaries, I can offer clients a highly individualized exercise program.  From Pilates and Yoga, to fitness science and AIM, I’ll draw on all my expertise to create a unique program for you.

TESTIMONIAL- Kate Peterson

"When I suffered a catastrophic injury to both of my wrists and my knee, I had a lot of trouble finding anything that I could do for exercise. My injuries weren't healing normally for reasons that no one could explain. I spent years and $30,000 going to different doctors and trying different therapies with very limited success. I had to stop working and going to school. Sitting around all the time made the pain worse. It was terrible. I finally tried apparatus Pilates with Linnea and started to feel better after only a few sessions. I was so excited. Not only was I getting better, but I found something that I could do for exercise! Linnea was the perfect person to go through this process with. She was so nice and positive during a time when I felt terrible about myself and really bleak about the future. She has an incredible eye for proper alignment and would make little microadjustments to my posture or quality of movement that would be so helpful. She was very creative and supportive about altering different exercises so I could do them with my limited ability. And it was really fun for both of us to notice when I didn't need to alter them anymore! Our sessions are custom tailored to rebuild my body in the areas that I have chronic weakness (which probably contributed to my injury in the first place). I've worked with her now for about a year and my ambient pain (pain at rest) is gone. I can type again, go to school and work, scuba dive, etc. I'm still working toward full mobility and strength and still need to be careful with my body, but I finally feel like my life is "normal" again. I continue to make gains every month and plan to make Pilates a permanent part of my athletic life. I recommend doing Pilates with Linnea to anyone, especially folks who are dealing with chronic pain and injuries. I know how frustrating and exhausting trying to heal from chronic injury can be and Linnea is one of the most knowledgeable, helpful, and competent people that I met on my journey."

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