Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • I bought a package- how do I sign up for class?

Once you have paid for a package you will receive a unique code.  You can find this on the confirmation page as well as in the confirmation email.  You need to use this code to then register for a specific class time.  If you know that you will be taking class regularly then I suggest you email Linnea and request a recurring booking.  This way your spot will be reserved ongoing and you simply need to remember to cancel 24 hours ahead of time if you ever plan to miss class. Finally you have the option to create an account which will allow you to see all codes, sign up for class as well as cancel or reschedule your appointments from there. 

  • I bought a membership- do I need to manage my registration? 

As a monthly unlimited member you will be automatically registered for all the classes on the schedule and do not need to take any additional action to reserve or manage your bookings.  This also means that you will receive all confirmation emails and zoom links for every class.  If this becomes overwhelming to your inbox please email Linnea and she can register you only for the classes you plan on taking regularly.  Members will also receive all video recordings for every weekly class and will have 3 days to watch them before they expire. (total of 6 days of recorded access per week) 

  • I’m new to virtual fitness- what do I need to know and how do I set up? 

Welcome to virtual fitness!  It’s easier than you think, but here are the main things to ensure a great experience.  Firstly, when you sign up for class you will receive a confirmation email that includes a link for the zoom call.  Confirmation emails are sent out at the time of registration, 48 hours, and 1 hour before the session or class time.  5 minutes before the start time simply click the link and follow any prompts to sign onto zoom.  Please make sure you are in a space with decent lighting (not silhouetted) and contrasting colors help your instructor to see you better.  If the class size is large the instructor may mute participants, please feel free to unmute yourself to ask questions, and/or use the chat bar to request specific areas of interest or explain injuries or issues you are experiencing.  

  • What props or equipment do I need? 

For private instruction:  We always start with whatever you have at home and I will recommend props or items as we progress.  For group classes: At this time I am only requesting that participants have a resistance band.  I like this one.  

  • How do I know if I need private sessions? 

Private instruction is best for anyone who feels the need to have more attention and individualized programming. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort that isn’t remedied by group classes, or especially if taking the group class feels like it may be aggravating instead of helping your issues.  Please note that I am a personal trainer and pilates instructor and not a doctor.  With that said I’ve worked with hundreds of different issues, injuries and conditions and I am happy to also be in contact and communicate with your other health care providers.  Most clients enjoy the regular accountability and consistency of having sessions on a weekly basis.  Others prefer to seek guidance and support and then work on their own for a few weeks before booking another follow up.  The choice is yours.