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"While there are many great trainers, Linnea's deep knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology, detailed cueing, curiosity, and wonderful presence was just the right combination for my needs.  Finding a teacher with such exceptional qualities and gifts really makes a big difference for me.  Besides, who’s more fun to hang out with than a former circus performer?" Cate Steane

Benefits of Saying yes to these offers...


Movement is hard to learn on a PDF, the video will teach you the step by step process and ensure your quick understanding and implementation of this deeply healing exercise. 




With both the video, and the 30 min session you will get a behind the scene view into Linnea's unique teaching style, which gives you more support and guidance than a simple pdf. 

Experience the transformative benefit of having a master level coach give you their undivided attention! No strings attached and no pressure to buy! This is not a sales call but a time for you to gain support and guidance.

With a few simple exercises, Linnea guided me to feel into my own body and discover imbalances that I was unaware of. A few more exercises demonstrated the kind of difference correcting them could make in my life. It's revelatory! - Ari F

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