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We're on a belated Honeymoon!

Drew and I are taking off to Kenya for the chance of a lifetime and in celebration of our continued love for each other.  Although we officially got married in 2016 we haven't given ourselves a true vacation or honeymoon.  The time has come!  Things will be a little sparse for my teaching schedule for the end of 2019, since we return just in time for the holidays.  Follow me on IG for amazing photos!!

Limber Arts Blog Coming Soon

I'm excited to bring you motivation, ideas, and updates on an ongoing basis.  What are you most interested in learning about? In what ways do you need motivation, support or new perspective? Let me know.

The Foot Workshop

I teach this workshop throughout the bay area on an ongoing basis.  The next workshop will likely happen in early 2020.  Join the newsletter to stay in the know about upcoming workshops!

Your feet are important to whole body health! Learn more about your incredible feet and find easy self care remedies to build balance and strength from the ground up.

Please don’t forget to bring your feet! In this workshop, we will use any issues or complaints the participants might have as a way to better understand our own alignment and walking mechanics.

Some examples of injuries or complaints that can be addressed in The Foot Workshop include:

  • fallen arches

  • plantar fasciitis

  • foot, heel, or knee pain

  • hip or low back pain

  • chronic injuries

  • issues with walking or running

If that sounds like you, or if you are curious to learn more about your feet and their relationship to your whole body, join us!

Fitness & Sport Specific Training

I love helping you achieve a goal! I have extensive experience training triathletes, collegiate athletes, dancers, golfers, and fire fighters along with weekend warriors and those just trying to get back into shape. 

Functional Corrective Movement

Getting out of pain, staying active, and living life to the fullest are worthwhile pursuits. Receive the informed support and guidance that you deserve and commit to feeling good again!

“Have you lost your flow in your gait, or realized you have muscle imbalances that can't be rectified with a massage or gone to a physical therapist just to be given a generic set of exercises that do not correct your problem because it is being viewed myopically?  I have your answer...go and see Linnea as I have found her to have the most innate ability to observe you, and then be able to provide movements that directly align with your specific issue. Resolutions come very quickly as a result, and you will be overjoyed with Linnea, as I have been.  In a word, Linnea is amazing, has the credentials you are seeking, and knows the human body inside and out.”

-Rochelle Pleskow 


"While there are many great trainers, Linnea's deep knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology, detailed cueing, curiosity, and wonderful presence was just the right combination for my needs.  Finding a teacher with such exceptional qualities and gifts really makes a big difference for me when working together in small groups. Besides, who’s more fun to hang out with than a former circus performer?"

-Cate Steane

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