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Private Coaching

Interdisciplinary Movement Training


Personal Training - Pilates - Yoga

Functional Biomechanics & More

One-on-one coaching provides the catalyst that you seek.  Designed with a highly individualized approach, each session addresses imbalances, and provides an intelligent and personalized workout design. 

Discover The Best Exercise
For Back Pain

Grab this free resource when you sign up for the Limber Arts Newsletter. This free step-by-step video training will walk you through exactly how to safely set up and execute this critical exercise to help reduce your back pain from the comfort of your home.

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Weekly Tutorials

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Topics range from how to workout safety with low back pain to functional fitness, restorative pilates, and the best exercises for improving balance.  Click the you tube icon to see the full library of previous tutorials.  Join the newsletter to receive the direct link for each tutorial every week!  


"You are really incredible at leading these classes over Zoom (basically verbally)---much, much better than anyone else that I have encountered in these COVID times.  You are the only teacher that I have had that made it feel like Zoom was actually something of a benefit as you are able to comment on more people than you would be able to in a real physical class." 


Damon Todd 

“Have you lost your flow in your gait, or realized you have muscle imbalances that can't be rectified with a massage or gone to a physical therapist just to be given a generic set of exercises that do not correct your problem because it is being viewed myopically?  I have your answer...go and see Linnea as I have found her to have the most innate ability to observe you, and then be able to provide movements that directly align with your specific issue. Resolutions come very quickly as a result, and you will be overjoyed with Linnea, as I have been.  In a word, Linnea is amazing, has the credentials you are seeking, and knows the human body inside and out.”

Rochelle Pleskow

"While there are many great trainers, Linnea's deep knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology, detailed cueing, curiosity, and wonderful presence was just the right combination for my needs.  Finding a teacher with such exceptional qualities and gifts really makes a big difference for me when working together in small groups. Besides, who’s more fun to hang out with than a former circus performer?"

Cate Steane

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