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Build Strength Without Injury

Age Like A Badass

Live Your Best Life

I am so glad you are here...

I work differently than a lot of trainers out there, and I'm definitely not for you if you're looking for an insanely kick-your-butt type of workout with a drill sergeant. After nearly two decades of professional coaching experience, I've learned the benefit of working smarter not harder. 

I will help you

  • feel expansive, liberated, and pain-free in your body

  • build strength and stay active, even if you experience ongoing back or neck pain (or other nagging issues)

  • learn to trust your body again while gaining true resiliency and strength

Now Accepting New Clients

September 2023!

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At Limber Arts you will receive highly individualized personal coaching complete with:

- Exclusive use of the studio during each session (yup... the entire space is just for you)

- Customized workout plans for you to do at home (if you so desire) updated regularly

- Progression based training that adapts with you, ensuring that you are maintaining a balanced program that is both therapeutic and challenging without risking injury from over training while you continue to improve.

- Tailored programs that include everything from functional biomechanics and corrective exercise to yoga, Pilates, mindfulness and strength/plyometrics.

Don't Just Take My Word For It:

- "While there are many great trainers, Linnea's deep knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology, detailed cueing, curiosity, and wonderful presence was just the right combination for my needs.  Finding a teacher with such exceptional qualities and gifts really makes a big difference for me.  Besides, who’s more fun to hang out with than a former circus performer?" Cate Steane

"With a few simple exercises, Linnea guided me to feel into my own body and discover imbalances that I was unaware of. A few more exercises demonstrated the kind of difference correcting them could make in my life. It's revelatory!" - Ari F

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