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Space Rental 

Limber Arts is available for rent to third parties and is well suited for a variety of uses. From yoga, meditation, or wellness to pilates and strength training you will find that it is easy to adapt the space to fit your needs. 

Limber Arts is located in the heart of the performance district in downtown Olympia WA, in the Capitol Theatre Annex Building.  The Studio is bright and cheery with a clean, minimalist aesthetic, and plenty of space to move around.


It is also ideal for pilates instructors who are still earning their certification, or advanced movement practitioners looking for a space to practice independently.  With abundant and diffuse light, it is also ideal for photography and video production of either movement specific projects, or otherwise. 

Screenshot 2023-10-11 at 12.06.37 PM.png

The space is equipped with pilates apparatus including an allegro 2 reformer, exo chair, balanced body arch, sitting box, a tower on the go door-mount unit, along with many of the standard small props, balls, and bands. In terms of strength training, the is a full set of dumbbells, multiple kettlebells, one bosu ball, a TRX, 2 large swiss balls, along with many small weights, bands, and rollers. Finally in terms of yoga, there are 2 iyengar style yoga chairs, multiple mats, blocks, straps, and blankets, along with a few bolsters, and a yoga wheel. 

The space warms quickly and efficiently with a dedicated heater, has it's own high speed internet, and a small air conditioner unit that is brought in during hot weather periods. There is tea and filtered water provided, a small microwave, and amazing coffee from Ember Goods which is just down the stairs from the studio. 

Please contact me to enquire about rates, availability, and options. 

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