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This is for YOU!

VIP Comprehensive Personal Training

Annual Training Plan

Core Goals and Focus Areas:
1. Live Sessions: continue 3x per week
2. Asynchronous Training: 3x per week 60-90 minutes each
3. Increased Accountability and Communication

4. Goal/Feeling: Expansive, Playful, Trusting, & Comfortable in your physical abilities.

Elena, above all else, I am simply thrilled to have this conversation with you.  I am deeply inspired by your dedication, discipline, and vision.  I can think of nothing more exciting for my own professional development than to have the opportunity to work comprehensively with your individual goals, needs, and desires.

The Details:

3 Live Virtual Sessions Per Week
One session per week focused on stretchy/strong pilates flows
Two sessions per week integrating restorative mobility work with strength and cardio

valued at $1320 per month

3 Asynchronous Training Sessions Per Week
90 minutes of integrated training per session

Lesson plans will be emailed as a pdf document with video hyperlinks to exercise tutorials.  Training plans will change every 3 weeks and will be emailed on the first day of each training phase, as well as hyperlinked into a shared google calendar. 

2x per week: 35-55 minutes of cardio and jogging drills or similar

2x per week: 35-55 minutes of progressive strength with a focus on upper body

1x per week: full body strength and mobility 90-minute session

valued at $1320 per month

Increased Accountability and Support

Daily text message accountability through WhatsApp.  Using this app will allow us to share video clips along with voice memos, photos, and text.  Daily communication through WhatsApp is intended for accountability and motivation primarily. Videos and photos can be shared both for accountability and as a way to ask questions that will be discussed further during live sessions. I will be available to respond to messages daily between 7-8am and 6-7pm

valued at $500 per month


Expansive, Playful, Trusting, & Comfortable in Your Body!
We will use the realistic and attainable goal of jogging happily for 45minutes 2-3x per week as a baseline and specific goal.  Other goals and peak adventures could include things such as training for a kayaking expedition or feeling free to play more vigorously in the ocean.  A sense of openness, curiosity, and experimentation will help connect you to a place of expansiveness.

value - priceless!

Quarterly Re-Evaluation & Functional Assessment
Quarterly gait analysis with recorded findings, screen shots, before and afters, and extra time spent evaluating training progress and goals. Quarterly hour long coaching calls to discuss next steps, make adjustments, and hear from you about whats working best and where to improve.

value - $350 quarterly

Summer Vacation


Functional Strength & Pilates Group Class
Live on Saturday mornings with 4 days of access to the replay

unlimited bring a friend for free (1 class per person)

valued at $200 per month

Solutions to Back Pain

from the ground up
One Hour Deep Dive into my 4-part process towards

becoming a Self-Empowered Healer

Valued at $58

Bullet Proof Your Back

a 3-week class series building on the framework

presented in Solutions to Back Pain

valued at $115

Monthly Auto Pay Membership:


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