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This moment is
How would it feel to wake up feeling aligned, pain free and limber in your body...

...knowing that you are seen and supported by a world-class trainer who's crafting

mind-body workouts made just for you, every day of the week?  


Platinum Level
All Inclusive

A comprehensive 3-month coaching program for the 50+ female high achiever who's ready to liberate her body, and break the stress cycle while generating longevity & functional strength. (without flaring up old injuries, repeating  boring workouts, or wasting precious time)


I am passionate about empowering YOU with the skills and confidence to age like a badass and live an adventurous life while increasing your vitality, impact, and daily sense of fulfillment.

Core Goals and Focus Areas:
1. Live Sessions: 2 to 3 times per week highly individualized to your needs/goals
2. Asynchronous Training: 2-3 times per week with easy to follow video tutorials
3. Accountability and Communication: 5 days a week

4. Focused on You: Training plans change every 3 weeks based on whats current for you

Above all else, I am simply thrilled that you are here.  I am thrilled that you have the desire to prioritize the health of your spine and joints, along with the health of your mind/body balance.  I believe wholeheartedly that when we successfully fill our own cup first, it allows us to serve the greater good and the potency of our impact is fortified, highly sustainable, and maybe even joyful and fun!  How Liberating!

The Details:

2 or 3 Live Virtual Sessions Per Week

After listening to your needs, goals, history and challenges I will outline and organize an individualized training plan with specific themes and focus areas that are relevant to YOU.  My extensive experience allows me to hand tailor workouts, restorative flows, and progressive training to meet your needs. 

valued between $2150- $3225 per month (depending on 2 or 3x per week)


2 or 3 Asynchronous Training Sessions Per Week

Science tell us that it takes at least 20-30 minutes of healing movement every day in order to break the stress cycle and reboot our nervous systems back to a healthy baseline, most of us also need some restorative style breath work or functional mobility in addition to getting the heart rate up.

After becoming familiar with your daily habits and daily schedule I help you outline quick and easy time block where you will be able to easily make good use of even just 20 or 30 minutes to efficiently reboot your vitality every day.

valued between $537 - $806 per month (depending on 2 or 3x per week)

Increased Accountability and Support

5 days per week text message accountability through WhatsApp.  I will be available to respond to messages between 7-8am and 6-7pm Tuesday through Saturday.  Using this app will allow us to share video clips along with voice memos, photos, and text.  Daily communication through WhatsApp is intended for accountability and motivation primarily. Videos and photos can be shared both for accountability and as a way to ask questions that will be discussed further during live sessions.

valued at $550 per month


Mind Body & Beyond!

We work with you to identify compelling goals and bring deeper layers of meaning to the surface.  This is not just fitness, it's life.  Want to spend a month hiking in Africa?  We can train for that?  Want to start cold plunging in the ocean during the winter time?  We can train for that! Whatever it is that sets your soul on fire (in a good way) and makes you feel alied with your body, at one with your mission, and empowered to name your own vision.  Let's Go

value - priceless!

Quarterly Re-Evaluation & Functional Assessment

Quarterly gait analysis with recorded findings, screen shots, before and afters, and extra time spent evaluating training progress and goals. Quarterly hour long coaching calls to discuss next steps, make adjustments, and hear from you about whats working best and where to improve.  Cross reference with a global team of experts who help mentor and support me in my ability to serve you.

value - $500 quarterly

Summer Vacation


Unlimited Weekly Access:

FSP Hybrid Group Class
Live on Saturday mornings with 3 days of access to the replay

unlimited bring a friend for free (1 class per person)

valued at $65 per month

1 Hour Masterclass:

Solutions to Back Pain

(from the ground up)
This masterclass will teach you the framework for my signature 4-part process to self-empowered healing with restorative movement exercises that are specific to low back pain

valued at $75



 $4478 per month...

2 Live Sessions/Week

(with a 3 month minimum commitment)

$2380 per month

3 Live Sessions/Week

(with a 3 month minimum commitment)

$2911 per month

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