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How to Embrace Inclusivity in Fitness and Wellness

Let’s talk about inclusivity! Specifically, I want to dive into the topic of inclusivity within the fitness and wellness industry, inclusivity within pilates and yoga spaces, and really open my heart about why this topic matters, both on an individual level, and for the community as a whole.

There’s a lot of talk these days about inclusivity and diversity, so I want to dig below the surface of some of the obvious aspects of this subject and truly embark on a journey that delves deep into the transformative power of inclusivity. We all know that marginalized communities have a harder time accessing essential healthcare services, not to mention high quality wellness and fitness services. And it’s easy to see that these are likely the same populations that are deeply in need of these exact services.

Let’s not stop there. If we dig deeper, beyond a simple feel-good altruism, and “let’s just all get along" attitude, I want to explore the ways that inclusivity and diversity can benefit all parties involved, even if you happen to fit the description of a more privileged, able bodied, or majority population.

Embodied Inclusivity Embracing Every Inch of You

Now, let's delve into a concept that lies at the core of this journey: embodied inclusivity. It's not just a phrase; it's a philosophy that urges us to embrace every facet of ourselves. Imagine a world where self-mockery and negative self-talk are frowned upon. No more guilt-tripping yourself into the gym with thoughts like, "I'm so flabby and out of shape, no one wants to date me and I’ll never be loved unless I lose 20 pounds." It's time to shed that burden and lift each other up.

With nearly two decades in the fitness realm, I've witnessed the toxic jokes about shedding those last few pounds (from someone who looks malnourished) or laughing off the effort required to conform to unrealistic body standards. It's time to shatter these norms. True inclusivity begins within, by embracing our imperfections, loving ourselves unabashedly, and creating spaces that echo this love. Let's move beyond surface-level gestures and build spaces that authentically celebrate every individual.

The Magic of Discomfort Where Growth Thrives

Now, let's transition to a terrain familiar to anyone who's pushed their physical limits – the magic of discomfort. In the world of fitness, we understand that real change happens when we push through the uncomfortable, the challenging. The same principle applies to inclusivity – it's in the discomfort that the magic of transformation unfolds.

Consider those moments in your workout when you want to quit but push through for the results. Now, imagine applying that resilience to social situations. Embracing discomfort births positive change, creating a community that grows collectively. Let's turn awkward moments into opportunities for growth, just like we tackle that last set of challenging exercises.

Vote for Inclusivity with The Power of Choice

Let's talk about the incredible power stitched into our choices – a force that goes way beyond the boundaries of the personal. As we patron fitness and wellness establishments, our choices become votes cast towards the type of culture and world that we support. The real question comes down to values, are we supporting establishments that actively contribute to inclusivity, or do our choices unintentionally support outdated norms?

And when we make the choice to support forward thinking establishments, we also support ourselves in our own individual journey of whole heartedly accepting every piece of our own history, our own limitations, and our own imperfections. After all, perfect is boring, action is messy, and the beauty lies in the connections we make along the way. Choose inclusivity, and witness the many layers of transformation that you unleash.

Collective Liberation Unleashing the Power Within

As we bring this journey to a close, let's wrap our arms around the concept of inclusivity. It's not a solo expedition; it's a collective adventure that is mutually beneficial. Together, let's transform fitness and wellness spaces into sanctuaries of acceptance, growth, and collective well-being.

The power to embrace, uplift, and excel resides within us. It's time to unleash that power and commit to a world of inclusivity, diversity, and courageous acceptance. So, here's to embracing our uniqueness, conquering the uncomfortable, making powerful choices, and unlocking a future of collective liberation. We're in this together, my friends – let's make it extraordinary. 💪🌟

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